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Mindfulness Based Workplace Programmes

Resilience and mental well-being at the heart of your business

Who are they designed for?

These Mindfulness Based Workplace Programmes (MBWP) are specifically designed for the corporate and business world to support participants cultivate awareness and develop a mindfulness practice that can be incorporated into the workplace and beyond.

Our MBWP are modelled on the world renowned evidence-based Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Programme (MBSR) developed by Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn at the Center for Mindfulness, University of Massachusetts Medical School 40 years ago.

All the MBWP will offer participants the opportunity to develop a clear understanding of what mindfulness is, why it is worthwhile to practice and how to develop a practice. Participants will be introduced to a reliable skill set of mindfulness tools to help build sustainable healthy habits to meet life’s challenges with more ease, confidence and resilience.

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Living Mindfulness in the Workplace and Life

This is a robust and comprehensive programme for the development of a sustained practice and integration of mindfulness awareness in the workplace and outside.

This programme includes:

  • 6 weekly sessions of 2.5hrs totalling 15 hours direct teacher contact
  • 30 minutes daily mindfulness practice and exercises
  • A 30-minute one-to-one meeting with the Teacher to support and deepen the development of the practice
  • Guided meditation practice recording

Living Mindfulness in the Workplace – Starter Programme

A starter programme focusing on integrating mindfulness awareness and practices in the workplace. 

This programme includes:

  • 3 weekly sessions of 2hrs each, totaling 6 hours direct teacher contact
  • 20 minutes daily mindfulness practice
  • Guided meditation practice recordings

Introduction to Understanding Mindfulness

This is a comprehensive introduction to what mindfulness is, why it is a healthy option and how we develop a practice.  This 1.5 hrs session includes practical take-away mindfulness meditation practices to integrate into the workday.

One-To-One Sessions

Individual one-to-one sessions are available on request, tailored to individual needs. All our Mindfulness Based Workplace Programmes are delivered by fully trained and highly experienced mindfulness teachers.

Mindfulness At Work Tailored Programmes

Our Mindfulness At Work Tailored Programmes are designed according to your organizational needs, to empower individuals, groups, and teams to fully participate in their own health and wellness. These programmes offer effective, sustainable, and continually-researched methods for integrating mindfulness into the workplace. Read More

We offer:

  • one and two hour training sessions
  • half- and full-day trainings
  • weekend training seminars
  • or tailored to your needs

What are the health benefits?

Research data collected from workplace programmes offered by Center for Mindfulness, University of Massachusettes shows:

  • 32% decrease in medical symptoms
  • 29% decrease in perceived stress symptoms
  • 26.5% increase in acting with self-awareness
  • 13% increase in self-efficacy
  • 26% increase in observational skills
  • 25% increase in non-reactivity
  • 22% increase in non-judgement

Mindfulness Based Workplace Programme Contact Form

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