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A 2015 article I came across that is worth another read…

5 things people get wrong about mindfulness

  1. Mindfulness fixes something that’s wrong with you
  2. The result of meditation is a boring, bland, cult-like calmness and complacency
  3. Mindfulness is just Buddhism in disguise
  4. Mindfulness is being used to create perfect killers… and capitalists
  5. Mindfulness is just the next trendy industry

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How to be mindful every day of the week

Let’s face it; barring an emergency, mostly our days and weeks churn by without mindful awareness of any particular moment. The thing is that every day is packed with choice points to notice the present and to engage. Once you start doing it, you’ll be amazed by how many opportunities there are to connect, to appreciate, and to experience— everywhere, all the time.

Consider these examples… Pause before responding in a conversation, stop and tune into the environment around you, walk or bike to work rather than drive, Make friendly eye contact. Let a manager know you received a great service. When someone goes out of their way to be helpful, kind, and super-efficient at their job, it’s like a balm for the bumps and scrapes of daily living… Read more in this article on

Mindfulness Apps – How do they work?

Want to feel more Calm, get some Headspace, and practice Mindfulness Daily? There are apps for that.

These apps make a promise: Rather than investing countless hours and dollars in mindfulness classes or mindfulness-based therapy, we can choose to meditate from the comfort of our smartphones. Users are flocking to mindfulness apps in hopes of cultivating kind attention to their own thoughts and feelings, and of reaping the mental and physical benefits that go along with mindfulness.

But do they work? What does science say about mindfulness apps? … Read more from

Melissa Sutor – Charting Her Own Path

It’s tough when life doesn’t follow a straight line—but meditation teacher and retreat leader Melissa Sutor says those bends in the road can help you discover your true calling. The art of Melissa Sutor’s life, like the art of meditation, lies in the action of beginning again. And again. Born to a teenage single mother in rural Alabama, she became the first person in her family to graduate from college

Today, Sutor is remarried and works both in California and in Maui, Hawaii, where she lives. Equipped with a master’s degree in counseling psychology and formal training in Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR), Sutor founded the Dragonfly Healing Center in Maui… Read more on Melissa from

RAIN: Recognise, Acknowledge, Investigate, Non-Identify

A mindfulness practice for welcoming and recognising your emotions so that you can respond, not react to challenging situations.

RAIN is an acronym for a practice specifically geared to ease emotional confusion and suffering. When a negative or thorny feeling comes up, we pause, remember the four steps cued by the letters, and begin to pay attention in a new way.

R — Recognize: It is impossible to deal with an emotion—to be resilient in the face of difficulty—unless we acknowledge that we’re experiencing it. So the first step is simply to notice what is coming up. Suppose you’ve had a conversation with a friend that leaves you feeling queasy or agitated. You don’t try to push away or ignore your discomfort. Instead, you look more closely. Oh, you might say to yourself, this feels like anger. Then this might be followed quickly by another thought: And I notice I am judging myself for being angry... Read more from

Finding Your Best Possible Self

Does imagining your future make you more happy—or more anxious? Taking just 15 minutes every day to write down what you want to do in the future can help you realize what’s most important to you, and put you on a path to achieving you goals.

The idea is to write out all of the things that you want and to do it without casting judgment on yourself, and just to really, really stretch yourself to think about, what are the things that I want if there are no obstacles, and if there are are no barriers, and if I could just have this? Read more from

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On this dedicated site we have talks from Saki Santorelli, Florence Meleo-Meyer and Judson Brewer and will continue to add more videos of interesting and helpful information from top CFM trainers. We also have meditation talks from Anne Twohig, founder of Centre for Mindfulness Ireland. Why not head over to take a look? The talk by Florence will be particularly interesting for those joining us on the Mindfulness Tools course in the autumn … You Tube