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Why do people take this MBSR course?

‘Over the past ten years of teaching Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Programmes (MBSR) I have experienced many different reasons why people choose to take this course.  For some it is because they are dealing with very challenging life situations and feel the need to find a more effective way of supporting themselves.  For others it may be that they are finding their coping skills for dealing everyday stresses are not sufficient and want to establish new ones, or they are feeling tired, with low mood and without the enthusiasm that being alive should offer.

There is an increase in referrals from health care professionals such as GPs and Psychotherapists for their patients/clients to my MBSR Programmes.  The profile of the age range of participants has changed over the ten years, many are of a younger age now who are finding the stresses of work/life balance very difficult to manage.   The research evidence of MBSR has increased the interest in this very effective health management programme.  MBSR is more than ‘Mindfulness’, it is a specifically designed stress reduction programme that offers many benefits to all who are willing to engage.’  Anne Twohig


“Thank you very much for sharing your knowledge and expertise with us. You are an inspiration in yourself, always kind, mindful and respectful of the feelings of others.  The very calmness that you bring forward in the class is an enticement to mindfulness in itself.”



“I have found the course very helpful to me in a number of ways. I think it has been a good combination of theory and practice and a good variety of exercises, stillness and movement. Very many thanks.”



“Best thing I ever did, life changing experiences which I believe will continue to happen. Everything was so positive for me and I believe I won’t look or think about anything in exactly the same way. Thank you.”



“I wish everyone could get the chance to do this course, I am so glad I did. Anne is exceptional and I don’t want it to be over!”



“Great course, brilliantly presented! Thank you Anne so much for all that you have given.”



“Thank you so much for the last eight weeks, I really enjoyed the class and even though I may not have contributed as much as others, I got so much out of it. It was a struggle to commit to the practice each day, but I feel very strongly that Mindfulness has a big place in my future.  You were absolutely brilliant and I enjoyed listening to your words of wisdom, always delivered with such kindness and compassion.”



“I have received so much from this MBSR. I feel that I will continue to live mindfully, the door has been opened, the adventure is unfolding!  Thank you so much Anne, bless you.”



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Anne Twohig

Anne Twohig has been teaching Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Programmes (MBSR) for the past 10 years. She trained with the Center for Mindfulness, (CFM), University of Massachusetts Medical School (UMass). Anne is the first MBSR Teacher in Ireland to achieve Certification from CFM, UMass and is now a member of their Professional MBSR Teacher Training Team.

Teaching Mindfulness has brought Anne in contact with many areas within society and health care.  Her work includes teaching the 8 week MBSR Programme, day workshops and tailored programmes.  She has worked extensively in in Mindfulness training for health care providers focusing on self-care in the work place. These organisations include Barnardos, Enable Ireland, and the HSE.  She also works in education, corporate and banking sectors.  Anne works with the general public teaching mindfulness as a support for taking charge of the stresses of life in the 21st century… Read More

“Out beyond ideas of wrong doing and right doing, there is a field, I’ll meet you there”
– Rumi