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Supervision for MBSR Teachers

Anne Twohig, CFM Certified MBSR Teacher, Supervisor & Trainer

Supervision is an important part of being an MBSR Teacher and is intended as a support for you while you teach MBSR Classes.  It gives you the opportunity to actively engage in dialogue by phone, online Skype or in person, to explore issues that arise out of your own MBSR Teaching.

Through personal support, guidance and direct feedback, supervision in MBSR fosters greater self-understanding in your teaching. Supervision gives you an opportunity to investigate, understand and refine your teaching skills and capabilities.

Supervision should be scheduled during the same time that you are teaching an 8 Week MBSR Programme. Those moving towards CFM UMass MBSR Teacher Certification must teach at least one MBSR Programme while under supervision.

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Anne Twohig

CFM, UMass Certified MBSR Teacher, Trainer and Supervisor


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