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A message from Carolyn, Anne and John about Dana:

“As Mindfulness teachers and trainers of teachers, it is our wish and intention to offer this Immersion in Mindfulness Programme in a spirit and tradition consistent with the ancient roots of Mindfulness teachings. These teachings have been transmitted for 2600 years without a system of what we know in Western culture as payment whereby the buyer agrees to give a set amount of money for a good or service. Rather, across centuries, the teachings have been offered freely by those who were fortunate enough to learn from their own teachers and who then pass this on for the benefit of others. At the heart of this practice is generosity, also known by the Pali word ‘Dana’.

Dana, or generosity, is a fundamental principle of Buddhist philosophy, including the practices of both giving and receiving.  We intend to share with you as we have received from our own teachers, and at the close of our time together, you will have an opportunity to offer to the teachers, without requirement or expectation,  in a manner consistent with your means and with what you have received.  This, too, is a Mindfulness practice.

The fees that are listed for the Immersion in Mindfulness for therapists and Healthcare Professionals, include your accommodation and food for the time we are together, as well as the administrative costs required to generate the Programme. Beyond our travel and residential expenses, there is no amount allocated for the teachers. 

We recognise that this may be a new and even confusing concept.  If so, we would be happy to respond to your questions”.   

To register for this retreat, please fill out the application form and submit to Centre for Mindfulness Ireland.