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Tailored Programmes

Centre for Mindfulness Ireland offers Tailored Mindfulness Programmes designed to meet the needs of a specific group.

To arrange one day Workshops or shorter time presentations or explore the needs of your group, please contact us and we will be pleased to design a Mindfulness Programme to suit your needs.

See example of Tailored Programmes below.

Mindfulness for Health Care Professionals:

Centre For Mindfulness Ireland designs tailored workshops specifically for self-care for Health Care Professionals.

  • We pay special attention to how Mindfulness is supportive and essential in the role of the Carer.
  • We take into account the work environment and the specific needs within this.
  • We focus on developing a greater understanding of what gives rise to stress and teach techniques to reduce and deal with this more effectively.

Tailored Programme Contact Form

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'Breathing is central to every aspect of meditation training. It's a wonderful place to to focus in training the mind to be calm and concentrated' - John Kabat-Zinn